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  • ◦ハラール認証の発行





1.お問い合わせ・ご相談 ハラール認証、そのほかお気軽にお問い合わせください。(ご相談は無料)
2.ハラール認証取得依頼 ハラール認証取得の申し込み
3.必要書類の作成 ハラール認証取得のための必要書類をご準備ください。
4.本監査 監査員が工場に伺い、設備等の現場での検査を行います。


ハラール認証有効期間: 1年(食品)、半年(飲食店) ※NAHA認証基準による





加工品/例: 加工食品、化粧品、飲料(水以外)






Public Information


NAHA Scheme

Halal Slaughtering and Processing


NAHA Policy


Quality will pervade NAHA’s technical, operational and client service delivery process. Our quality service culture is characterized by client focus and continuous improvement in all we do: The delivery of quality service shall be the focus of everyone at NAHA as we achieve success in the long-term pursuit of quality, our people will strive to:

  • ・Meet client needs and exceed client expectations
  • ・Respond quickly and wisely to rapid changes in the business environment and changing client needs.
  • ・Attract and retain clients by being best-in-class. To ensure continuing success of the quality initiative, our leadership will:
    •  ・Maintain an absolute, proactive and long-term commitment to client focused, continuous service improvement.
    •  ・Understand the concepts, be familiar with the tools and encourage techniques that enable us to fully integrate client focused continuous improvement in everything we do.
    •  ・Act as role models for the quality values of NAHA
    •  ・NAHA has formulated an Impartiality committee for ensuring strict adherence to laid down impartiality norms and for reviewing of the norms on a timely basis. The Directors, Management, Staff and Sub-Contractors of NAHA are fully committed to providing all our clients and potential clients with a service that fully meets their requirements. The certification process will ensure that all audits and certification decisions are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standard. In addition, NAHA is fully committed to ensuring that it fully complies with relevant regulations, standards and all requirements of any regulatory bodies. NAHA will ensure that a professional auditing service will be offered to clients through the use of trained, experienced, and competent staff. NAHA will continually seek to improve the services it offers and will do so through acting upon client’s feedback, regular internal and external audits, and reviews of reports, reviews of staff management review meetings and management meetings. Any client who feels dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided by NAHA is encouraged to put their complaint in writing which will be responded to promptly and be thoroughly investigated. Any client who disagrees with a Certification Decision has the right of appeal which will be put before an independent Appeals Panel, comprising individuals who are not employees of NAHA. In conducting certification activities NAHA fully understands the importance of ensuring that the certification process and all audits are conducted in an impartial manner and no conflict of interest exists. To this end checks have been introduced throughout the certification process to identify any potential conflicts of interest and an independent Impartiality Committee has been established to oversee the operations of NAHA and in particular the certification process.



NAHA is the legal entity responsible for certification activities; reference to NAHA in this Policy and Public Statement refers to these legal entities. NAHA its Directors, Staff and Sub-contractors fully understands the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification Activities. NAHA will therefore ensure that in all its dealings with clients or potential clients all employees or other personnel are and will remain impartial. To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated the following principals have been established.

  • ・NAHA Certificates are only issued following a review by an independent authorized and competent member of the management team (who has not been involved in the audit) to ensure that no interest shall predominate
  • ・NAHA does not offer (and has never offered) management system consultancy or any other form of consultancy to companies or individuals.
  • ・NAHA does not offer (and has never offered) an internal audit service to its certified clients.
  • ・NAHA does not own or have any interest (financial or otherwise) in any other company that offers certification or management system consultancy services.
  • ・NAHA does not have (and will not form) any relationships with companies who offer consultancy or other services that can be construed as having an impact on the certification services provided by NAHA Any proposed relationship between NAHA and any other company will undergo a risk assessment by the Committee for Impartiality prior to that relationship being formalized. Any current relationships with companies, organizations and individuals will be risk assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship does not impact upon the impartiality of the certification process.
  • ・Individuals employed by or otherwise contracted to NAHA are required to document and record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required by NAHA to be declared. NAHA will use the information to identify any threats to impartiality and will not use that individual in any capacity unless they can demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest.
  • ・NAHA will not allocate a member of staff or sub-contractor to a management system audit where any past relationship has existed. Exceptionally and at the discretion of the Technical Manager or Directors an individual or sub-contractor may be allocated to a management system audit where a past relationship has existed but there has been no relationship for a minimum of 2 years.
  • ・NAHA does not and will not offer any commission, (‘finders fees or other inducements) to any individual or company in respect of referrals of clients unless:
    1.  1. The terms and conditions of any such referral are clearly established and can be demonstrated and it can also be demonstrated that the fee is for a referral and the fact that a commission has been paid will in no way affect the outcome of an audit.
    2.  2. A risk assessment (to establish the potential for an unacceptable threat to impartiality) has been carried out on the process through which any such payment is made to an individual or organization (normally a consultant) requesting the commission for referrals.
    3.  3. All such payments are documented, recorded, and traceable and accompanied by a purchase order and invoice.
    4.  4. NAHA does not offer specific training to any company in respect of implementing a particular standard for that company. Any training offered by NAHA is general in nature and available to all companies or individuals who wish to attend.
    5.  5. NAHA will ensure that it is not linked or marketed in any way which links it with the activities of a management system consultancy and will take appropriate action should any such link be identified.
    6.  6. Auditors and others involved in the certification process are not and will not be put under any pressure and will not be influenced in any way to come to a particular conclusion regarding the result of an audit. NAHA Impartiality Norms:
      •   ・No outsourcing of Audits to Consultancy Organization.
      •   ・No Referral Fees to be paid to the Consultancy Organization.
      •   ・Facts based communication to Clients/ Consultancy Organization.
      •   ・Adherence to all Accreditation and other NAHA Policies.
      •   ・NAHA shall not carry out any other conflicting services other than its core business of Certification.
      •   ・NAHA shall not employ any professional conflicting its ethical policies.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any of its auditors to market the services and conduct the audits for the same client.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any of its auditors to carry out financial transactions with clients/consultants.
      •   ・NAHA shall not carry out business with any consultant inducing pressures to compromise impartiality.
      •   ・All employees of NAHA shall disclose any situation impairing the business ethics.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any of the auditors to carry out audits for the client at least for 2 years from the date of relinquishment from their services for the client.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any auditor to compromise on the audit timing as required as per the accreditation/ NAHA norms.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any auditor to conduct the audit for the client for which it has not been approved for.
      •   ・NAHA shall maintain transparency with regard to all information.
      •   ・No auditor shall divulge any confidential information of the client to any third party without written consent from the client and approval by Director’s.
      •   ・No auditor shall carry any client information with them after the usage period. All client information shall be returned after usage.
      •   ・Utmost care/ verification to be carried out for granting the right scope of certification.
      •   ・Any unethical practice observed should be notified to the management at the earliest.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any of its auditors to accept any gifts from client / consultant of value greater than AED 100.
      •   ・NAHA shall not allow any auditor to conduct audit for the organization where any of its family members/ close relatives are involved at a decision-making position.
      •   ・Disciplinary actions for non-adhering to impartiality policies shall be taken by the Management in consultation with Impartiality Committee. Public Statement (as it appears on NAHA’s website) NAHA, its Directors, Managers, Staff and others involved in the Certification of Organizations fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification Activities. NAHA will therefore ensure that in its dealings with clients or potential clients, all employees or other personnel involved in Certification Activities are, and will remain, impartial. To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, NAHA has identified, and risk assessed all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality.



Staff and Sub contractor Requirements

All information received by or available to NAHA staff, sub-contractors or committee members (in whatever format) received in conducting audit activities, or during other certification activities, or during any dealings with an organization for any other reason shall be regarded as strictly confidential and shall not be divulged to any 3rd party (unless specified in ISO 17021:2015) without the express permission of the organization or individual concerned. The requirement to keep confidential any information will also include any organization that has a legitimate right to audit or inspect NAHA. Where NAHA is required by law to release confidential information to a third party the client or individual concerned shall, unless regulated by law, be notified in advance of the information provided However, where the organization is seen to be operating contrary to legal requirements or has operating practices which pose a danger to staff, customers or the environment NAHA reserves the right to immediately report any such incident to the relevant authority. Any such reporting will only be undertaken with the permission of Director’s.


Access to Records

All records will be retained in a secure manner, only accessible to authorized staff via either paper records or password controlled electronic records. Sub-contractors will be limited to accessing information produced by them in conducting an audit. Records will only be made available to organizations who can demonstrate a legitimate (and legal) right to view those records and specifically to Accreditation Bodies.


Confidentiality Declarations

All staff, Sub Contractors, Directors, and Committee Members will be required to agree to NAHA confidentiality policy and sign a confidentiality agreement. Sub-contractors will also sign an agreement which also contains the responsibility to maintain confidentiality.



NAHA Procedures


This part allows customer to confirm if an ‘Extraordinary Event / circumstances’ is preventing the usual assessment activities by NAHA's Office’s. COVID-19 is currently classified as a Pandemic. For more information’s / affected customer please click the below link and follow the procedure and provide the information mentioned in Page No. (03) via info@nipponasia-halal.org
Please click here for procedure of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances including Pandemic Situations like COVID-19



Fee Structure

Nippon Asia Halal Association, in line with its management policy, ensures that reasonable fees are charged from its customers for the services it offers. Charges depend on several factors such as but not limited to:


Audit charges are determined based on the total man-hour requirement, which is calculated based on international guidelines and best practices. In addition to the audit man-day fees, the following charges also apply:



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